What is Leadder?

“Leadder” is a phone application to create a community mainly for both junior and recent grad designers to build up design skills and work experiences at the same time. It is to provide companies a high-quality design, with an acceptable budget to clients by having a mentorship system. The phone application will be mainly targeted to recent grad designers, schools, and companies to provide an opportunity space for them to look for help and job opportunities while shifting themselves from a student to an entry designer. This also gives them an opportunity to look for a team for any individual work through the features that is provided by Leadder such as the mentor and co-op system; which increases the level of satisfaction between recent graduate student designers, schools, and companies.

Opportunity Space

This application is intended to guide students to start seeking help and co-op opportunity to find their way out. By creating the phone application, I hope either to make it as a plug in update or application for school use purposes to benefit both school and recent grad students. It is to reduce the chances of students having great portfolios but bad skills, reduce the chance of mismatching job for students, and also to encourage students to be more proactive by providing them a starting point to start with in the co-opportunity.


I have interviewed with students in different design fields and majors: industrial designers, communication designers, interaction designers, film artists, communication designers, visual artists, and lawyers.

I was having a hard time looking for mentor help or any professionals that I can interview with. After talking to the Instructors, they have recommended me to interview with the career centre. I have finally decided to interview the career centre since they have provided services that are similar to my final idea.

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Feel Free to try the prototype for Leadder

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I feel lucky that I got great friends starting to help and user test within my site maps and draft prototype.  The more I research the more problems that I found within the services that we have. Thinking back of what interaction designers propose which is to make people’s life easier, I am thinking that I should start making the designer’s life easier first. For Leadder, the main concept is to guidance the recent graduate designers to start, leading them to a place where they should begin with, providing tips for them, making sure there are still professionals to help them even they have graduated from the institute, and hoping they will become a leader for themselves or a team in the features. This is why I have named the phone application ‘Leadder’. 

Janice Chen

I am passionate about different opportunities, especially in user interface design. I love coding and I will continue learning javascript, Html, and CSS.