TEDxConnect is a digital platform to help bridge the gap between TEDx attendees, speakers and volunteers. TEDxConnect can be used before, during and after the event through several in-product features within four categories: the event guide pages, connection games, discussion board and reflection pages.


Opportunity Space

Because TEDx is a one day event, it is difficult for organizers, who volunteer for over eight months, to engage with the public throughout the year due to their heavy work load.

  • Organizers spend a large amount of time on the day of the event making sure everything is running smoothly.
  • Speakers may be too nervous on the day of the event, and might therefore talk to friends and family rather than to connect with the rest of the audience on a personal and more impactful level.
  • Attendees may have a lack of confidence to go up to a speaker or organizer in person to network with them.

Due to these unfortunate “day of” circumstances, I realized that TED and TEDx’s values of “sparking conversation, connection and community” (TED) end up unresolved in a larger scale.


The initial research I conducted on TEDxEmilyCarrU explored my findings through surveys, feedback forms and interviews, and how I organized this data using different mapping techniques.

More about my research and process can be found in my medium article here: https://medium.com/@jananiramesh75/tedxconnect-4b71d9319050


Through year-long research, prototyping and testing, I created a platform where each page is designed with the intent to help the user connect easily to another user, share their ideas, understand everything happening at the event and stay mindful through reflections. Watch the introduction video here:


Moving on in this project, I would love to add more interactions within these existing features. Now that I have tackled awkwardness in person, how do I tackles awkwardness online? For example, what if someone doesn’t know how to start a chat conversation? Can I create a randomized way for suggested phrases to introduce yourself or create good opening sentence? I also want to think more about the communal spaces such as the discussions or game board.

Another important part I want to focus on is safety and privacy. Though I have started to work on this a little in the sign up process and messaging pages, I want to think about the specifics of what people can see and what can be done about it. There could be many shady people out there, but perhaps my trust in the TEDx community exceeds what might be reality. I need to give people control of their data and these are the first steps in doing so.

A fun thing I wish I could work on is how you create your own avatar or illustration on the app. You could choose your own background, clothing, body features or more to mimic your lifestyle. This can be a fun way of getting to know others as well.

I’m very happy with how far this project has come along in the past eight months and I hope to see it grow even more!


An interaction design graduate from Emily Carr University of Art and Design who’s focused on service design, human centered design, user-interface design, graphics and illustration.

Having lived in India, the Netherlands and China over the past 22 years, I take pride in incorporating my cultural background in design practice. With the ability to speak 5 languages, I empathize with those who feel the need to express themselves through thoughtfully designed interactions.