Supercharge your hiring process with our interview management application.

A interview workflow optimized to help you hire great talent

It doesn’t matter if your first time taking on the role of a hiring interviewer. We’re here to guide you into becoming a master interviewer.

Manage candidates with ease

Get pipeline view, interview templates, automation, candidate recommendations, and more.

Customize your interview templates

Our template builder is perfect for a variety of different interview use cases. Be it a design portfolio review or a live coding exam, customize your interview experience.

Our Key Features

Building a great team is hard. Using a hiring tool shouldn’t be. Interviewr gives you & your team the power to build & optimize your hiring process, whatever the size.

Team Collaboration

Recruiting is a team sport. Get your entire team involved early and make collaborative hiring decisions in real-time.

Modular-Based Templates

Our modular based template builder provides flexibility towards your interview needs.

Candidate Management

Get a bird’s eye view of your candidate pipeline with our visual drag & drop interface.

Candidate Grading

Set compentancy metrics to grade your candidates. Select from a range of quantitative and qualitative compentancies.

Our team

Is this a real thing?

Yes! We expect to launch our beta in December 2021.

About the designer

Philip Cheung is a recent graduate from Emily Carr University. He has worked as a designer for a variety of companies including WIC Marketing and nSite BMS. Philip is involved in the startup community via Vancouver Startup Week, where he volunteers as a graphic designer. Some of his notable skills include UI/UX, project management, and brand strategy.

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