“Niche Travel” An Information exchange based travel app that focus on traveller community

Project Description

This project, with the aim of better serving people’s travel plans and leading a good and unique way of traveling mode, a specific travel app called Niche Travel is conceived and designed to meet the demand for the new trend of travel style.
Apart from the basic functionality of traditional travel apps, Niche Travel is hoped to provide more functions and serve as a personal tour guide that helps people to plan their own travel routes. Moreover, it is also a great platform that organizes the traveling community for people shares the common travel preference with their friends and strangers.

Key Features


Niche Travel provide a platform for sharing the travel message of the same interest, and also provides a chance for a complete community to make common travel plans or easily share them in a group chat.

Information Exchange

Niche travel encourage users to provide and exchange
information with each other on the platform. All the information can goes into user’s private customized trip.

Interactive Prototype

About Mike Liu

Mike Liu (Liu Ming Heng) is an interaction design graduate from Emily Carr University of Art and Design who focuses on UI/UX, and graphic design in Vancouver, BC. Originating from Shanghai, China. My goal is to collaborate with both modern innovation and the traditional cultural elements in my design work. I hope to further develop the potential with digital interaction’s direct impact on people‘s daily life.