Music creation is always an emotional process. Musicians and songwriters find inspiration in various ways such as keep a journal, leave the house and let the world inspire them… How could design help music lovers to record their to-go idea, and helps them to develop their ideas?


Re:cap is a mobile sketchbook app for musicians, focusing on simple editing and recombination tools to refine your music sketches.


This project is an attempt for me to design an app for musicians and instrument players. From user research to market research, I had been finding core pain points for instrument players who has recording habit, and exploring what music means to them. One of the most valuable aspects of this design project is finding out the unique design opportunity and then accomplish it.

As a flute player, this project also fulfills my own wish. I even hope this app could be developed and to be used in daily life. I enjoyed the design process and hope to keep going to develop my skills in an interdisciplinary field.

Zidi Xia

Hello! I’m Zidi, an interaction designer who loves coding and music. I study interaction design at Emily Carr University of Art and Design, Vancouver, BC. My previous design experience includes UI/UX design, prototyping, digital products for the web and mobile, game design and working with hardware. I also interested in front-end, back-end development. As a designer with a background in music and performance, I have always been passionate about music, technology, and interdisciplinary design.

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