Service Design

INTD300-F001 Core Studio Interaction Design

This class will draw upon the global movement for service design within the public sector, as well as social justice oriented examples to help student cultivate their ability to parlay interaction design expertise into service design thinking.

The first deliverable is the warm-up project about designing multiple touchpoints to create an innovative service no matter in the private or public sector.

The second project is not set in the stone, instructors try their best to find the practice which is related to the civic service design. The current projects are partnered with the city of Vancouver.


Mobilicity- Brittany Williams & Roan Reimer INTD2019
To You– Claudia Hopkins & Sandra Han INTD2019
Service Design for Bread Making- Brittany Williams INTD2019

Skin– June Tang & Ginnie Morse INTD2020
System of Food Banks– Michal Peter INTD2020
Kom bu cha Service Design– Xinmiao Zhang INTD2020

Service Design Resource

  • What is ServiceDesign

  • What is Government Digital Service, GOV.UK? (video)

  • Marc Stickdorn: Service Design Thinking

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