A Smarter City Challenging Project
by Roan(Lemon) Reimer & Brittany Williams


“How might we make transit the best option for local transportation?”

Design Context

There are many aspects of the local transit system which work well because they are designed well. Quite a few other aspects only work well due to users familiarity and within that only work for a specific band of users. Feedback to users is an incredibly important principle to place at the forefront of much of our work. To make transit the best option for local transport we must have it work better for more people, especially new and hesitant users we are onboarding.

Design Artefacts

Accessibility and Incident report app– We started by examining and improve existing safety and accessibility features which contribute to the overall experience of transitters.


Sensors– The sensors at stops can detect when someone is waiting and then the bus driver is safely alerted that there is someone waiting at the next stop.


Wifi– In order to make Wifi more accessible to the public, we provided wifi service on the buses.