Elevator Pitch

Many people find washing labels hard to understand which is the main pain point when they are sorting laundry. Our app will help people to analyze, sort, wash and dry their clothing effectively. My design also extending how often different types of clothing need to be wash. Our app has additional features, such as personal laundry calendar.

Project Showcase


I make a website to show my design process. The process map show my idea, design process and also challenges that I face to. Please give you feedback on website. I also do some marketing plan to show the huge marketing potentials of my design, people can invest the project if they are interested. Please click this website to click more details.



The dome prototype is slow sometimes, I will try to fix this problem when people invest on it. And try to made it as a real clickable website with more detail first for my next step, then do the animation, because the animation make the prototype slowdown. I want to show my grad project more than a student project. I want to make it come true as a real app that can help people doing their laundry.

ABOUT Shala Lao

A brief summary

My name is Shala Lao. I am an interactive designer. I have twelve years experiences of graphic design, which help me better understanding when I switch my role as an interactive designer from Emily Carr. I love to learn new skill. I got great skills on PS, AI, ID. I have experience on 3D software (solidworks, rhino, modo) and motion graphic animation of AE. I am able to do well-finished clickable prototype, website and video for promotion if need to.