INTD200 INTD201 INTD300-Foo1 INTD300-F002 (Do anchor)

INTD300-F002 (Service Design)

Skin– June Tang & Ginnie Morse INTD2020

System of Food Banks– Michal Peter INTD2020

Kom bu cha Service Design– Xinmiao Zhang INTD2020

Mobilicity- Brittany Williams & Roan Reimer INTD2019

To You– Claudia Hopkins & Sandra Han INTD2019

Service Design for Bread Making- Brittany Williams INTD2019


INTD300-F001 (Game Design)



Gilligator: A Breathing Apparatus For Fish During Surgery


Versa Flux: Lighting solution for hard-hats

My Cycle :Aide for tracking menstrual cycles

Music in the Bones: Bone conducting adapter for earbuds