webstack workshop draft

Day 1 intro, 15 min in class. (planned for Eugenia/Tim to do in 3rd year Jan 16th, Quinn is doing extended version in 2nd year.) Intro homework assignment, talk about economics of webhosting and how to pick an ethical host (history, owner, phone customer service) talk about password managers (not the automatic ones, get used to one, it takes a little getting used to) and domain names, and using separate providers for host and name, DNS addressing name server transfer can take up to 72 hours. Get into groups of 4 for peer troubleshooting.

Homework 1: 3rd year upload to slack #webstack, due Monday 21st. Research ethical web hosts and propose one, don’t buy the plan yet. Pick a password manager from the recommended list on slack and install on your own computer. Buy a domain name from the recommended provider list on slack from discussion. Post to #webstack slack channel 1. your installed password manager, 2. your purchased domain name, and 3. your proposed web host service.

Day 2 offline: 3rd year due Monday 21st, faculty review proposed webhosts and approve or give alternate from recommend list by slack.

Homework 2: 3rd year due Monday 28th (72 hours before class to allow time for DNS addresses to propagate): Buy hosting plan from proposed/approved host. When you buy your do not do one-click-install. Login, save password to password manager. Access cPanel or dashboard or hosting admin panel. Set up your name servers to connect your domain to your host (aka DNS settings), instructions are specific to your host, call your host if you have trouble. Find FTP app for your OS, and download it to your laptop. Find instructions from your host on how to FTP into your host and have instructions page bookmarked. Download WordPress from wordpress.org/downloads and have the zip file ready on your laptop. Prepare content on your desktop: Three of your design projects ready for posting. For each project have a key image ready, as well as supplementary images, gifs, and links ready. As text files, have intro sentences and captions for each media element ready. Slack Tim+Eugenia+Morten for questions.

Day 3 class: 2 hours in class. (For 3rd year, Morten will join Jan 28th 2pm-3:50pm). Set up wordpress on host from your computer, compare one-click and downloaded locally installs. ftp your build onto your host. WordPress mini intro course: brief intro to admin, site name, plug-ins, safety, themes.

Homework 3: watch Lynda video. Fiddle with your site as desired.

Day 4 class: 2 hours in class. (For 3rd year, Morten will join Jan 30th 2pm-3:50pm) FTP to local server (student’s laptop) and webstack: LAMP/Client/server architecture explanations.

This is a prototype of this sequence, let us know feedback for improvements! _Eugenia and Tim