System of Food Banks

Nourishment Project
by Michael Peter

"How might we reimagine, a sustainable & efficient system for nourishment, between the collection & distribution sector, of food banks?"

Design context

This project allowed me to understand, develop, and use Service Design tools in a real-world scenario, building a participatory and empower service for food banks. I focused the service on the connection between the food donors and the food banks.

Design Artefacts

Information Broadcast-- My service is introduced through emailed flyers with follow-up phone call.

Mobile Application-- The grocery store owners can use this app to locate available volunteers, photo request a pickup, and rate volunteer. The volunteer will be able to update the availability and transportation, check the inventory of food banks and navigate the destination.

In-house Logistics Screen-- This screen provides arrival alerts and inventory overview. Logistics could also be housed through the mobile application.

Inventory Tracking-- The tracking system can weight and scan and integrate with the logistics screen.

Volunteer Reward System-- Volunteer will receive points after delivery the food and sponsor redemptions.